The Google Plus One Button – Can Google Get Really Social?

This post was written by Internet Marketing John on April 17, 2011
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Google announced in late March their sophisticated yet simple idea called the Google Plus One  Button +(1) which is in direct competition with the Facebook like button.

The Google Plus One button is aimed at helping to determine what content is most relevant to an individual.

With a single click, the user can indicate which search results they find most useful to them.


It is pretty evident that the Google Plus One button is modeled after Facebook’s “like” button.

Although Google doesn’t have any kind of social network to speak of, Google does have the world’s largest search engine that they can immediately integrate the Google Plus One button with, thereby giving publishers a good reason to implement the button into their web sites.

For the time being, the Google Plus One button is being offered as an experimental service, however there’s no doubt that Google plans on making it a widespread feature.

Right now, over a third of the people using the Internet are on Facebook.  This is why their “like” button works so well.

It’s obvious that Google has taken a page out of Facebook’s playbook in order to become more social than they are right now.  How successful they become is yet to be determined.

Their Google Buzz failure in the social media sphere doesn’t lend to very high expectations however, given Google’s persistence and some time, they may yet prove themselves by developing a real social network.

One thing is sure, no one can expect Google to generate a whole social network with their Google plus one button immediately.  It would be like expecting to harvest a new crop of corn the week after a planting.

Despite the speculation in the technical press that Google is winding down, we don’t believe they will be disappearing any time soon.

The questions that require answering is whether publishers will begin placing the Google Plus One button within their own sites or not, how aggressive Google will be in the implementation of their Plus One button, and how fast the search company will move to provide an add on for publishers.

When it comes to measuring consumers’ interest in content around the web, Google has a long row to hoe before they can even put a dent into Facebook’s massive lead.

However, if Google plans on getting social, the Google Plus One Button appears to be a great first step.

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