The Downside To MySpace Advertising

This post was written by Internet Marketing John on November 16, 2009
Posted Under: Traffic Generation

Although there is lot to be gained by discretely advertising on Myspace, the downside to MySpace advertising can be quite severe if you’re not careful.

In MySpace’s terms of service, there is a section which specifies that member websites, are not supposed to be commercial inlogo_myspace nature.

There is a real risk for people who do advertise on MySpace, to find themselves in violation of their terms of service.

The consequences for violating their terms can be quite serious.

Members who are in violation of MySpace’s terms of service, risk the possibility of having their websites deleted.  Members could also find themselves banned entirely from the MySpace community.

It’s a good ideal to carefully review MySpace’s terms of service, to see what types of advertising activities are prohibited, and what is allowed, before getting into an in depth advertising campaign.

If you have any doubt about what constitutes a commercial website, you should play it safe, and just contact MySpace directly for clarification.

Another downside to MySpace advertising, is the appearance of looking unprofessional to your potential customers.

myspaceMySpace websites can easily be created very quickly, with the templates that are available.

This sometimes prompts members that want to start immediately advertising on MySpace, to create sloppy looking, error riddled, unprofessional looking websites.

You should remember, that even though MySpace is a somewhat laid back community, where the use of slang and texting abbreviations are sometimes the norm; using this type of content on your website in addition to having a sloppy website, could not only cost your potential customers, but also your reputation.

This need not be a downside to MySpace advertising, if you maintain a high standard in the community.

Remember that everything you write about on your website, and everything that is commented about your site by others, is a direct reflection of your personal reputation in the MySpace community.

If you receive comments from members who don’t regard you very highly, it’s and indication that they don’t regard your business very highly either.

Take control of the comments left for you by either not allowing comments at all, or only allowing approved comments on your website.

Spamming, is another downside to MySpace advertising that some advertisers may find themselves accused of.

Potential customers generally hold spammers in low esteem, and will usually not purchase your products if they feel that your business is guilty of spamming.

Be careful that the advertising strategies you use, are not considered as spam, by MySpace.

Check MySpace’s spam policy to be absolutely sure that you are not in jeopardy of having your website deleted, or worse, lose your MySpace account.

MySpace could also ban you from creating any additional future accounts, if they feel that you are blatantly guilty of spamming.

MySpace can be a great place to advertise your business, just be sure that you’re aware of the downside to MySpace advertising before you begin.

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