Some Things To Avoid When Emailing Your Subscribers

This post was written by Internet Marketing John on March 15, 2010
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With all the new rules and laws governing email privacy on the Internet, there are definitely some things to avoid when emailing your subscribers you should know about.

Electronic mail, better known as email, is a very popular low cost marketing medium that many businesses have fallen in love with using.

Unwanted promotional emails used to flood in boxes to the point that new regulations had to be put in place to eliminate the annoyance of spam.

ecover_200With the current use of opt in emails, the annoyance has been virtually eliminated.  Now people must subscribe to your list, before any promotional newsletters or sales materials can be sent to them.

Implied consent is given through the use of the opt in procedure by the recipient.  In addition, to eliminate any misunderstandings, an unsubscribe link must be placed in your opt in list emails, every time you communicate with your subscriber.

With all these privacy considerations, there are still some things to avoid when emailing your subscribers.

  • Never send shocking, disturbing, or pornographic content in your newsletters to your opt in list.

Deciphering the age of your recipients is next to impossible and many complaints can be avoided by simply refraining from using this type content.

Controversial issues should also be avoided unless your site is of a political nature.  Generally, it’s best not to be branded by your subscribers as a controversial figure.

Stick to business.

  • Never send someone in your list emails after they unsubscribe from your list.

First of all, always provide an unsubscribe feature in your site along with an unsubscribe link in your emails.

When a subscriber from your list files a request to be taken off, you had better take them seriously and remove them immediately.  If you continue sending them emails, you have become a spammer.

If you get reported as a spammer, you may be reported to the authorities and could even be blacklisted by the internet service providers. Spamming can get you and your business into a lot of hot water, and will cost you a lot of lost subscribers.

  • Monitor your unsuccessful, or bounced email sends.

Bounced emails, or undeliverable messages, are messages that were not received successfully by the intended recipient.

There are many reasons for bounced emails.  They can happen because of busy servers, full in boxes, or abandoned and invalid email addresses. Regardless of the reason, note any bounced emails and see if the bounce can be corrected.

Some things to avoid when emailing your subscribers such as misspelled addresses, can be easily corrected, so check the spellings of bounced emails.

  • Keep a clean list and erase email accounts that for whatever reason, do not receive your emails.

Keeping your list clean and manageable is essential in order to maintain accurate statistics, and records as to how many people are actually receiving your emails.

Always remember some things to avoid when emailing your subscribers that are in this article, if you plan to stay within the boundaries of what is allowed in sending mails to your opt-in list.

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