Some Internet Marketing Myths You Should Know About

This post was written by Internet Marketing John on April 8, 2010
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Before you quit your job and decide to make a million online, there are some Internet marketing myths you should know about before you jump in with both feet.

First of all, you CAN make more money on the Internet than what you make from your day job, but before you decide to quit; understand that there is a lot of B.S. floating on the web.

What usually attracts people to home based Internet marketing businesses; is the lure of working less hours from the comfort of your home, making more money on your own time schedule, without the hassle of an employer on your back.

This certainly sounds good, but the problems begin when newcomers start listening to every know it all on the web, teaching Internet marketing myths that should never see the light of day.

Here are some Internet marketing myths you should know about.

  • Internet businesses are an easy way to get rich.

The truth is, that if making money online was this easy; everyone on the planet would be starting an online business. An Internet business is just like a store front business. In order to succeed you need to follow the same proven business principles and focus on your business. With time and effort, you will begin to see your business improve but Internet businesses are NOT an easy way to get rich without putting in some effort.

  • Another Internet marketing myth is that you need to work extra hard.

A lot of online forums tell people how difficult it is to make money on the Internet. The truth is that many tutorials lead newcomers astray and unnecessarily make you work extra hard. It’s best to learn from a successful online business owner and try to replicate their strategies. Many successful business owners will give you good advise that can help you with your business if you ask them.

You can’t really say that it’s easy, but if you focus and use tactics that do work, you’ll achieve success relatively quickly. If you’re selling something; choose products that you know about or have previously used. Whatever led you to buy those products can be effectively used to market them.

  • To say that graphics are everything in your website is another Internet marketing myth.

Although many online marketers agree that on page search engine optimization has everything to do with the graphics on your website; graphics will actually decrease the number of visitors to your site. A simple informative website will give visitors the information they are looking for and keep them coming back.
Excessive graphics also cause loading problems with visitors that have slower connections.

  • Getting traffic is everything

Most online tutorials teach first time marketers that traffic is your main goal, if you want to make money online.

Obviously, having a huge amount of traffic going to your website is great, however it’s not a major priority.

Focusing on quality content for your website, is much more important than only focusing on web traffic. Traffic without any useful quality content on your site, is pretty much useless, if people find no reason to return to your website.

Target your customers, and learn about their needs; then provide useful content that will keep your visitors returning to your website. This way, you’re certain to get all the visitors you want.

These are some Internet marketing myths you should know about and never pay attention to, instead it’s better to focus your efforts on how to really make money on the Internet.

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