Social Media Use On Mobile Devices vs. Google SEO

This post was written by Internet Marketing John on July 18, 2010
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crunchsms-deviceSocial media use on mobile devices could be the primary reason why traditional Google SEO based advertising has been on the decline.

The increase in social media use on mobile devices and the annoying and intrusive advertising methods that often interrupt PC users trying to focus on their browsing tasks, also play a role.

Traditional Google SEO advertising has been on the decline since the boom of social media use on mobile devices for several reasons.

When the same pop ups and banners that irritate PC users occur on mobile devices; people aren’t bothered nearly as much.

In fact many users who would click out of an ad on their PC, will click on the same ads when they appear on social media sites on their mobile devices.

For some unknown reason, when these same ads appear on mobile devices, they seem to just “fit in” and become part of the conversation, especially on social networking sites.

This could be why Google SEO is lagging to some extent.

In 2009 the sale of mobile devices exceeded 4,000,000 units.

This is the first time ever that mobile device sales exceeded and actually dwarfed PC sales in the United States.

This is probably due to the fact that as the Telecom giants saw the monetary “writing on the wall”; Internet access via mobile devices became much less expensive for the consumer.

They knew where the money was and reacted positively with data packages and plans that allowed people to economically use the Internet while on the go.

The addition of various payment options via mobile device, and the use of Bluetooth technology that enabled people to use their devices while at the wheel, also added to the phenomenal growth of social media user on mobile devices.

Today mobile devices have become such a big part of everyday life, that many people seldom use their home PCs as frequently as their mobile devices for Twitter, Facebook and other tasks.

The many innovative applications for mobile devices, have further increased their usefulness.

People on the go can now add programs to their mobile devices, that allow them to do almost anything that they can do on their home PCs and more!

They can:

    · Forget their GPS and get directions from their mobile device.
    · Find the nearest grocery store
    · Get their local or international weather forecasts
    · Play games while waiting for their Doctor’s appointment
    · Use their Twitter and Facebook accounts on the go
    · Find out the time anywhere in the world
    · Find out what’s happening on their latest show
    · Get the latest fishing forecast
    . Check the local tide tables

and much, much more!

Because social media use on mobile devices has been so huge; many successful Internet marketers have focused their advertising energies on this market as well as on the creation and sales of new mobile device “apps”.

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