Search Engine Optimization: Some Tips To Improve Your Content

This post was written by Internet Marketing John on June 14, 2009
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You have probably heard the phrase, “content is king”.    Truer words have never been spoken, as they pertain to search engine optimization.

Just slapping up an inferior website,  that provides poor information at best,  will not garner the respect of the browsers that visit the site, or the search engines.     The fact is, that in less than a weeks time, the site will probably just be ignored.

Here are some SEO tips to improve the content, and the organic search results,  of  your website.

Don’t set up a web site unless you have some expertise in the subject you are writing about.   People are generally not stupid, and can detect BS immediately.

Plan a logical, workable, layout for your website, that will improve usability for all users, in all the popular web browsers.

Always research the competition to see what you are up against.    Choose what works, or is popular, and discard the rest.

Use research tools to choose the best keywords for your website, and include them in the title page, content page, meta tags, and file names.

Keywords are extremely important, especially for search engine optimization.   There is a nifty, free tool that I use called Webspy, that is ideal for SEO.

Keep your website friendly with the search engines by providing good, relevant, content for your visitors.

A good rule of thumb to remember, is to only have one primary subject on each page of your website.  Don’t stray from the topic; remain focused.

Sometimes, joining the right directory will increase the relevancy of your web site to visitors, as well as the search engines; just be sure you are well versed in the subject matter.

Google, and the other search engines, place a great deal of emphasis on the number of back links that a website receives.

Ask your circle of friends, relatives, and anyone else you can think of, to allow  your website link, along with a brief description, to be placed on their sites.  They can also  have it attached to the signature line, of their emails.

This can dramatically increase your exposure, and increase your website’s rankings.

Finally, remember that in order to succeed, you must persevere.  Repeat the SEO tips above until your desired result is achieved.

When using these tips to improve your content, keep using the ones that work for you, and discard the ones that don’t.

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