Revenue Generation Requires Thoughtful Planning

This post was written by Internet Marketing John on September 21, 2009
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In any website design, revenue generation requires thoughtful planning, in order for the website to be effective.

If you hope to generate any substantial revenue from your website, some thoughtful planning is required before you create your site.

Bad websites reflect little planning, and are generally the product of a haphazardly put together site.

With a little bit of foresight, and some thoughtful planning, you will be able to create a website design, that can generate multiple streams of income.

Many websites on the Internet, that do not receive the benefit of thoughtful planning, attract few visitors, and eventually become inactive.

Their webmasters lose motivation when there is little to no traffic, and eventually cease to update the website.  When this happens, and it does all to frequently, the website becomes wasted in cyberspace.

If you want to make money from your website, you need to plan your website, and optimize it, for revenue generation.

Split you website up into major sections, or blocks.  A separate theme should be reflected in each of these blocks. Then create new pages and subsections for each of the ordered blocks.

For example, for a tourism website; you could create an ACCOMMODATIONS section, an ENTERTAINMENT section, a SHOPPING section, a DINING section, and a RECREATION section.

In each of these sections, you then create and publish relevant content about each topic.

This will attract a targeted traffic stream, to each respective section, and and get your visitors searching for additional information.

Revenue generation requires thoughtful planning, and with a more defined scope of themes on your website, you could sell targeted advertising space on your web pages, to interested parties.

With some thoughtful planning, you could design your website for Google AdSense, or Yahoo search marketing, so when people surf each themed web page, they click on the advertisements.

This is why the advertisement blocks on your web pages have to be relevant to the content; each themed page must perfectly fit the criteria.

Advertising on the Internet, gets more and better results, than magazines, and most other media off line.

However, Internet revenue generation requires thoughtful planning in order for your website to become an effective money magnet.

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