Private Label Rights – Using Private Label Rights Viral EBooks To Generate Traffic

This post was written by Internet Marketing John on April 5, 2010
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Using private label rights viral eBooks to generate traffic has lately become increasingly more popular with Internet marketers.

Viral ebooks, are simply ebooks that are intended to be passed on, by anyone that receives a copy of the book.

The object is to get the recipient of the downloaded private label rights ebook, to pass it on to their email list contacts, so that they in turn will pass it on to their contacts, and so forth.

These private label rights viral ebooks generate a lot of web traffic, that in turn generate profits.

They will also grow your email list, spread and solidify your brand name, and increase your business; all of which turn into profits.

The great thing about using private label rights viral ebooks to generate traffic, is that they become automated to the degree that very little work is required after they are released.

It’s almost unbelievable how incredibly well viral ebooks work.  In a word, they are awesome.

All you need to do, is get a quality private label rights report, and transform it into something attention grabbing enough to be passed along by others.

You can compile your own viral ebook from several private label rights reports, by changing the content a bit and creating a catchy, captivating, attention grabbing title.

It helps to make your ebook viral, if you come up with something controversial for the introduction, or the conclusion, or both.   You can always create something highly useful, or exciting to ensure that others will pass it along after they get it.

The real trick is to get it going viral.

If you have a useful, entertaining, controversial report; using private label rights viral eBooks to generate traffic should be relatively easy.

But, you can do more to make sure it gets passed along to others.

What if you give the people who get your private label rights viral ebook, the option to include their own links into the book?  Do you think they will be more inclined to pass it along?

I’d venture to say that in order to take advantage of earning some passive income, almost everyone would pass the ebook along.  Rebranding is an excellent incentive that will encourage readers to make your ebook go viral quickly.

It’s a win, win, situation; because all links in the ebook report are pointing to your products, and to your second tier affiliate program.

Rebranded private label rights viral eBooks, are the best way to develop a constant stream of traffic, while earning a back end income.

If you believe that branding and using private label rights viral eBooks to generate traffic takes a lot of work; don’t.

All you need to brand your ebook, is a few minutes to set it up with Viral, or some other rebrander.  You then include the tool with your download, so your affiliates or prospects can use it to rebrand the ebook with their own links.

To begin using private label rights viral eBooks to generate traffic; send it to your subscribers, post it on forums, and send it to your affiliates, who will eagerly rebrand it and send it to their prospects.

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