PPC Advertising: Important Considerations When Planning A PPC Advertising Campaign

This post was written by Internet Marketing John on January 7, 2010
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PPC advertising is one of the most popular advertising strategies used on the Internet today, and involves sponsored links that are normally in the form of text ads placed on websites, advertising networks, and most frequently, on search engine results pages.                                                     ppc1

Some important considerations when planning a pay per click advertising campaign are noted below to help you get the most from your efforts.

  • Before doing anything, inventory the product or services that you plan to offer, and do some basic research to thoroughly get to know your product.  Internet marketers sometimes neglect this step to their peril.
  • Determine what your daily budget will be and keep within your budget.  Don’t get into bidding wars for  the top position if at all possible and always keep your maximum monthly budget target in mind.
  • An important consideration in any PPC advertising campaign, is to place your bid properly.  Knowing how to bid correctly is what separates successful campaign from a loser.  A high bid will exhaust your money and break your budget; and placing too low a bid, can make you lose the spot you are going after.
  • In PPC advertising, you need to find the right keywords or keyword phrases to bid for in order to get the most benefit. Do a Google search, for free keyword suggestion tools you can use, to find which keywords and phrases are used when searching for the product or services you are offering.  It is important NOT to focus on general keywords that are usually priced higher.  Look for specific targeted keywords.
  • When planning a PPC advertising campaign, it’s important to carefully watch your bottom line.  You must be able to know when to end your advertising campaign.

There will come a point where your advertising expenses, do not generate enough sales to measure up to your profit margin expectations.  This is the time to either quit or modify your campaign advertising.

  • PPC advertising is only as effective as the ads you write.  Good PPC advertising copy should be able to persuade and elicit a consumers impulse to buy.

This can be done by using some or all of the following techniques:

  • Offering Discounts
  • Providing Testimonials
  • Offering “Unconditional Money Back Guarantees”
  • Giving Free Trials or Samples
  • Providing Endorsements By Famous People or Celebrities
  • Using Reverse Psychology
  • Offering Anything For Free
  • Creating a Call To Action by Direct Instruction
  • Finally, PPC advertising requires that you maintain a professional looking website.

You should make sure that you have no grammatical or spelling errors in your content and that your site is updated regularly.  An outdated website will turn off potential buyers in a heartbeat.Your website design should be simple, easy to navigate, quick loading, have no broken links, and should include your contact information.

This creates a good impression and credibility with your potential customers.

Planning a PPC advertising campaign properly, can maximize the return on your investment, increase your bottom line, and make you a lot of money.

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