How To Revive An Unproductive Website

This post was written by Internet Marketing John on February 5, 2010
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If you have worked hard launching your website, but have not yet achieved any substantial results; follow these steps to revive an unproductive website and improve your sales.

  • The formula for a successful business, is to make sure that the product or solution to a problem you are selling, is what the people online actually want to purchase.
    Adhere to the principles of supply and demand.  Why try to sell a product online, that people don’t want?
    To answer this question.  Use Wordtracker or any similar keyword research tool, to see if your product is being searched for and not being found, by people using Google, Yahoo, or the other search engines.
    If your product, or a product similar to yours is not being searched for in sufficient numbers, you need to find a product to sell that is more in demand.
  • To revive an unproductive website you need to first determine if you are getting enough traffic.
    You can’t credibly gauge the effectiveness of your website until you have received at least 1000 unique visitors.  Expecting sales from a website that has only received 100 or so visitors isn’t realistic or even possible.
    Give your website time to grow.  In the meantime, continue using SEO and other marketing techniques to generate additional traffic to your site.
    Once you have received 1000 or more visitors to your website, and still haven’t made a sale; you need to find out what type of traffic you’re getting.
  • If you’re not getting TARGETED traffic to your website, you need to start generating some immediately.
    You can do this by best by using Google’s AdWords PPC, and bidding on super targeted keywords and keyword phrases, to get the RIGHT type of targeted traffic to your website.  These targeted visitors, are much more likely to buy your products or services.
    When you have generated another 1000 targeted visitors to your website, using the highly targeted keywords and you still have no sales; then it’s not the quality of your traffic, it’s probably your website.
  • The easiest way to revive an unproductive website is to first make sure you have an effective headline.
    If the headline on your website doesn’t clearly communicate a benefit, or capture the interest of your potential customers; they will not remain on your site long enough to buy your product.
    Rewrite your headline to remedy the problem so people will stay on your site longer and purchase your products.
  • Eliminate everything on your website that can distract your visitors from your main sales message.
    This includes Google AdSense advertisements, banner ads, links to other websites that don’t support the sale, free articles or giveaways that don’t support a sale, and anything else that encourages your visitors to think about anything but the product or service you are trying to sell them.
    If you focus your site visitors on your products, your sales will skyrocket.
  • You can revive an unproductive website by effectively using testimonials.
    Since your website is new, give your product away to some friends with the condition that they provide you with their testimonial on how well it worked.
    Testimonials are persuasive selling tools that can quickly generate spontaneous sales.
  • A good guarantee, that eliminates any potential buying risk, can also revive an unproductive website.
    On the Internet, having an iron clad guarantee is essential.  Unless you already have a brand that people recognize and trust, customers need reassurance that they can return your product and get their money back if they are not totally satisfied.
    Providing a longer than average guarantee, will result in fewer refunds, and more sales.
  • Make sure your price is relative to the market.
    A high price will obviously knock you out of the market and lose you sales.  However, too low a price will also cause you to lose customers.
    When you offer a quality product at too low a price, people think it’s ‘too good to be true’ and may think they are being scammed.
    Make sure to correctly price your products or service.
  • On way to revive an unproductive website, is to make sure your ordering system is user friendly.
    Sales are often lost because users become frustrated trying to pay for their purchase during the check out process.  Just because you are familiar with the check out process, doesn’t mean your customers are.
    Try including instructions or explanations were problems could arise with the PayPal, or credit card checkout process.
  • To revive an unproductive website and achieve success online, you must be using well written sales copy that will sell your product.
    You need to provide a strong sales message to your visitors throughout your site or you won’t sell much.  Remember, even the best product can’t sell itself.

You need well written copy to combine all the tools above if you plan to revive an unproductive website.

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