How To Quickly Create Your Own Product

This post was written by Internet Marketing John on November 25, 2009
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If you really plan on making serious money with your online business; you should quickly create your own product line to gain a substantial edge on your competition.

For most Internet business owners, creating a complete product line takes a considerable amount   plr-articles
of time, and thousands of your hard earned dollars.

This simple step by step guide shows how to quickly create your own product. 

  • Create A Good Topic

You probably already have a niche market that you’re interested in pursuing. If not, find one.

First, think about topics that you already have an interest in, or that you would like to know more about.

Next, determine if there is any demand for your market niche, by using the search engines to browse sites like Clickbank, eBay, and any of the online forums, that might help you define your niche.

  • Search For Good Quality Content

Using Private Label Rights (PLR) content, is an extremely affordable way to develop some unique content that can be rewritten and used as your own.

A Google search ca find at least a couple of PLR sources that can give you a variety of information on your niche topic.

  • Decide What You Are Going To Create With Your Content

Many different types of products can be created using PLR content.  You can encourage your customers to purchase more than one product, if you provide them a good selection at different price ranges.

When using PLR content, you can quickly create your own product by combining articles to create special reports, ebooks, or mini-courses.

PLR content can be easily recorded to create audio products, or as an alternate, you can print them out to publish high end physical products.

Use your imagination, and think about creative ways to package your product.

You might try using a PLR ebook bundled with additional articles and an audio, to create a totally new product, targeted to your niche market.

  • Combining PLR content is a great way to create a product that is uniquely your own.

Although there are many others who probably have access to the same PLR content, the chances are good that when you include information from additional sources, the unique content you create will not be duplicated.

  • Personalize Your Product To Make It Uniquely Your Own

Rewriting everything isn’t necessary when you combine PLR content from several sources, however adding your own personal touch gives your product a unique flair.

Personalize the information that you present to your audience, in the opening and closing articles.

  • Get An Unbiased Critique On Your Finished Product

Always have someone review your product before it’s release to the public.  Choosing potential customers to critique your product, will give you an idea of what type of response you can expect receive when your product launches.  You may even get some pre launch testimonials to use as marketing materials for your finished product.

  • Finally, Write A Compelling  Sales Letter

Although some PLR content comes with pre written sales letters for your use; you will still need to
either modify, or write another sales letter that highlight the benefits of your new unique product.

If you clone these steps for different products, at different price levels, you can quickly create your own product line for your online business.

A large selection of high quality PLR content is available free for your use, HERE.

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