How To Build your List and Make Money Using Special Report

This post was written by Internet Marketing John on July 19, 2009
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If your business could use a jump start, you can build your list and make money using special reports.

Just what exactly are “special reports”?

Special reports are relatively short, only 25 pages or so long, content rich reports loaded with information and written about a specific niche market.

They contain helpful, useful, information about the subject, and are often presented in the form of “how to” articles.

As the name implies, “How to” special reports, give the reader step by step direction on how to do someting.  They are extremely popular with website visitors, as well as the search engines, will build your list, and make you money as well.

Special reports are not difficult to create, and with a little work and know how, you can whip one out in less than an hour.

If you do not have the inclination or capacity to create a special report on your own, there are tons of free lance writers on the web that will create one for you at a very reasonable cost.

Special reports are invaluable tools for building, or jump starting your online business.

How do you market special reports?

If your are building a customer list, use the special report as a free incentive, to get visitors to sign up and opt in to your mailing list.

When you promoting using this method, make the special report shorter.

Five or six pages is more than adequate.  Then offer additional short reports, in the form of a five or six part course, as incentive for the reader to continue watching their emails for more information.

As the course progresses, you present additional information to the subscriber, as part of the initial free promotion, while promoting your website, products, or services.

A newsletter subscription, is also a technique used with free special reports as the incentive to opt in.

In addition to building your list, make money using special reports by simply selling them on your website.

Many reports sell from $7 to $17 or more, depending on the type of report.  Specialized technical reports, that offer more valuable information, can easily sell at higher prices.

Again, you can either sell a single report, or create a mini course to interest your customers.

How to courses, especially on topics like “making money online”, are gobbled up by people who want to learn how to do it.

They will gladly pay you for the information, especially if you briefly explain how you made money, in the initial special report.

There are many other ways special reports can be used to make money.

As your special reports are slowly but surely building your list and making money, you can also watch your profits grow.

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