How Are Linkbait Hooks Used?

This post was written by Internet Marketing John on October 28, 2009
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Linkbait hooks, are gimmicks used to grab people’s interest, and get them to comment on, and link to your website’s content.

In essence,  A linkbait hook is nothing more than a strategy, that entices people to click through to your image8website.

When married to social media sites, linkbait hooks are also used to attract positive votes for your website, and to promoting your link.

Most valuable links come from bloggers, tweets, journalists, or other publishers,and not from the social media site itself.

When publishers read your content, and find it worthwhile, they either  republish it, or write about it with a link back to the originating source.

These publishers tend to remain on your website longer, provide more page views, and subscribe to your feeds.

Using tailored linkbait hooks, that provide content to attract these people, is a guaranteed way to spread your message, get more votes, and links to your website.

A good linkbait hook, can be an article that allows people to comment on something they passionately care about; or something that can give people a feeling of self importance, or give people a “hot” issue to discuss.

Linkbait hooks can be a spin, or an opinion on current events, controversial, or contrariness in nature.  Anything that vigorously attracts a back link, can be considered a linkbait hook.

Some of the most effective linkbait hooks are listed below for your use.

  • Being Contrary

You can always attract traffic, attention to yourself, and back links on social sites, by being contrary and playing devil’s advocate in a discussion.

Be careful about being too controversial on popular subjects, or your linkbait hooks can turn into sea anchors.

You’re libel to get too many down votes, and unsubscribes, from voicing an unpopular opinion to loudly.

  • Creating Resource Hooks

One of the most effective ways to attract a great number of backlinks is to create a resource of links, information, tutorials, or videos. People always appreciate useful current resources.

  • Ego

One of the best linkbait hooks to use, is the appeal of one’s own self; ego.

Interviews, lists, and featured spotlights, are ways to attract prominent members of social media sites to promote your content.

Targeted, ego based content, is very useful in obtaining links from people featured in your content, and on their professional or personal networks.

The need for people to feel important, is one of the best linkbait hooks you can tap into, to attract backlinks to your website.

  • Humor

Oddball, humorous content, is always a popular linkbait hook that will bring visitors to your website.  It always stays in vogue.

  • Current News Events

Publishing breaking news stories on your website, will generate a huge amount of interest and traffic from social news site communities.

Unfortunately, as the story becomes “old news”, it ceases to bring in traffic.

If you can stay on top of the cycle, it remains a great linkbait hook to use.

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