Google Exchange Program: Is The Google Exchange Program For Me?

This post was written by Internet Marketing John on October 23, 2011
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The Google Engage program was designed to help educate businesses and individuals that specialize in helping other online businesses succeed.

The Google Engage program may be “just the ticket” for you if you happen to be an agency, webmaster, web designer, marketing consultant, or freelance entrepreneur who works with small businesses to provide SEO and other online marketing services.


Google’s Engage program can help you grow your SEO business by providing you with the top notch training and tools you need to offer better online marketing services to your clients.

The Google Engage program which is currently offered only in the US and United Kingdom, provides free training in the form of videos, mandatory webinars, live events, promotional materials, slides, templates and online tutorials on AdWords and other Google business solutions designed to help you improve your online marketing skills and to help you better market your services to your clients.

The Engage program gives you access to exclusive tools and all the guidance you will need to help your clients create great ads, keyword lists and ROI tracking to run their AdWords campaigns more effectively.

In addition to the training, Google Engage program will provide you with a generous amount of AdWords coupons (initially twenty $100.00 coupons) that you can either use yourself to manage your client’s AdWords campaigns or give directly to your clients for them to use.

To qualify for the program you or your business must:

  • Be physically located in the U.S. or UK
  • Provide specialty web services that help other online businesses succeed such as:

Web development
AdWords campaign management

Marketing consultant
SEO services

  • Have an existing business website
  • Be willing to promote Google’s tools and services to your clients.
  • Sign in to your Google account,  complete the online application and describe your business and services that you offer.

The program is currently free to qualified applicants and if you are accepted and approved, you will get immediate access to the Engage program’s online portal where all the program’s training resources are located.

You must successfully complete four required webinars and agree to the Google AdWords “terms and conditions” before you will be eligible to receive your first free 20 AdWords advertising coupons for your clients.

If and when your clients open and activate new Google AdWords accounts, you may be offered additional free coupons to disperse to your clients.  This is entirely at Google’s discretion.

Why should you join the Google Engage program.

The benefits include but are not limited to the following:

  • Blow the doors off your competition
  • Increased business profits
  • Intensive AdWords knowledge training
  • Live educational events
  • Free AdWords coupons you can use to attract new clients
  • Promotional materials
  • Online training resources and educational materials
  • Assistance in becoming an official Google AdWords Certified Partner*

* The Google Engage program gives participants the skills needed to prepare them for passing the Google AdWords Certification examination.  Among other benefits, AdWords Certified partners receive a Professional Profile page, more advanced training, an official badge or certificate with their AdWords qualification, a listing on the Google Partner Search engine and higher value AdWords coupons.

If you want to help your clients succeed in their advertising by more effectively using Google AdWords and if you want to greatly improve your standing in the business community, you might want to look into the Google Engage program.

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