Google Adsense – Some Tips For Optimizing Google’s Adsense Sites.

This post was written by Internet Marketing John on December 8, 2009
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Google Adsense is a great way to earn long term income on the Internet, and if you follow some basic optimization guidelines, your earnings could dramatically improve.

Like anything else in life, you will get out of Google Adsense, what you put into it.       tipandtrikadsense

The amount of effort required for creating an effective Adsense website is minimal, but the more time and effort you expend, the greater your long term return.

Here are some tips for optimizing Google’s Adsense sites, that you should consider implementing.

  • Write fresh, useful, interesting content every day, and be sure it is search engine optimized for your readers, as well as the search engines.

There are many plug in websites, scattered throughout the Internet, and loaded with PLR content that  are never updated.

These sites generate minimal revenue at best, or none at all; and could be given new life by adding fresh content to increase search engine activity.

  • Spend time creating more than one optimized Google Adsense website.

The more optimized websites you have online, the more targeted ads you will have available to your readers, that have the potential for being clicked.

Some of the most profitable publishers have hundreds of targeted, optimized sites online.

  • Create channels to monitor your statistics on all your websites.

When a site is not performing up to your expectations; change the ad layout, color scheme, and any other element of the site to improve it’s performance.    Don’t be afraid to experiment and use new ideas.

  • When you change the ad layouts, take notice which site produces the best, and then duplicate it on other sites to determine precisely what sells.

Does the topic affect earnings, or does the layout make the difference?

There are many different advertising layout options you can try out, and without testing each one, there is no way you can know which will perform the best.    Go with what works.

  • Do a Google search for different keywords, and keyword phrases; and make a list of how much, what kinds of content, and what advertisements you come across.

Use this information to compile a new list of profitable topics you can use, to create additional Adsense websites.

Remember, that the more Adsense websites you create that have useful, up to date content, that viewers are looking for; the more clickable ads will be presented to your viewers, and the more revenue will be generated.

Take advantage of current trends and topics, to create new optimized Google Adsense websites, and use these tips to increase your earnings.

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