Google Adsense: How You Can Increase Your Adsense Earnings.

This post was written by Internet Marketing John on May 1, 2009
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Google’s Adsense is one of the best ways for webmasters to monetize their websites and earn a ton of money.

Some of the gurus on the Internet make hundreds of dollars daily through the use of Adsense ads, while others struggle to earn their first check.  Why the disparity?  How can you increase your Adsense earnings?

Be original in your thinking.

Here are some useful tips to increase your Adsense earnings that come straight from some of the “gurus” who are making those hundreds of dollars on a daily basis.

1 – Out of all the Adsense ad formats that are being used, the one format that provided a higher click through rate, (CTR), than any other Adsense format, was the 336 X 280 large rectangle.

The reason that the 336 X 280 format works so well, is that they look like the normal web links that visitors are used to clicking on.  Frequently, the visitors on the website don’t even realize that they are clicking on a Google Adsense advertisement.  Regardless of their knowledge on what they are clicking on, the 336 X 280 rectangle format will increase your Adsense earnings.  Use it!

2 – Make the background color of your Adsense ad the same color as the background of the web page you place the ad on.

The idea of using a custom palette for your ads, is to blend the ad, and make it look as if it is part of your web page.  This results in a higher CTR, and will significantly increase your adsense earnings.

3 – Don’t hide your Adsense ads at the bottom of your web pages.  Your will increase your adsense earnings if you place the ads where people can focus on them quickly.  You will be pleasantly surprised how the CTR will increase when you put the Adsense ad, “up front and center”.

4 – Link to relevant high traffic websites and structure your ads to point to relevant topics.  Place your ads in the better websites and try managing and maintaining them.  If the sites already have lots of adsense ads, put yours on top and in front of them so visitors see your ads first.

5 – Find out if your server supports SSI, (server side included) and if so, automate your Adsense code’s insertion into the webpages using SSI.

Save your Adsense code in a text file as, adsense text, and upload it to your web server’s root directory.  You can then call the code on other pages using SSI.  This time saver is especially useful for users of automatic web page generators on their websites.

Adsense ads are targeted towards the interests of the people viewing them, therefore, it is important to focus directly on that specific topic of interest.  Try to make your ads unique, remember there is already a lot of competition out there.

Adopting some or all of these suggestions can increase your Adsense earnings substantially.  Try them out for yourself.

For more information on how you can increase your Adsense earnings, CLICK HERE.

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