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This post was written by Internet Marketing John on July 22, 2010
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0d83f235979fFacebook is still getting bigger and seems to be sucking the air out of everything!

If you ever had any doubts about Facebook being the number one public watering hole online, you might consider the fact that one twelfth of the world’s population, or about a half billion people now make regular use of the social networking site.

Facebook is still getting bigger and because of the sheer magnitude of visitors who use the service; it has got to be one of the best sites online for Internet marketers to promote their products and services.

Although my preferred social network for marketing is Twitter; I also feed my Tweets to Facebook.

Twitter is great for marketing, but is simply not rich enough for deep conversational interactions. There are no threads. And images and videos are spread out across any number of third party services.

Twitter, which is more of a micro blog broadcast site, is more suited to some types of Internet marketing but is much less conversational than Facebook.

By Facebook’s own measure, they currently have over 400 million active users.

If this statistic is accurate, it dwarf’s Twitter’s active membership at 21% of it’s 75 million users.

To say the least, Facebook’s statistics, although somewhat antiseptic, are exciting for online advertisers and other Facebook partners.

Facebook has become so pervasive in our lives, that a day doesn’t pass where it is not being discussed in news reports or blogs.

Facebook is full of people carrying on spirited conversations about everything and anything happening in their personal and business lives.

People often share, sometimes too much information.

Facebook users often do not realize or understand that the information they are sharing is often being disseminated with the outside world.

For marketing purposes this can be extremely beneficial and a source for acquiring business contacts, new customers and even joint venture partnerships.

It should be assumed that anytime anyone shares information on a social network with their friends or business associates, the information will find a way to get outside the network.

Facebook taps into a need for people to connect and rebuild something we’ve lost as families and friends. As we move away from our tightly knit neighborhoods to more insulated suburbs and even to other countries, we need ways to connect personally and business wise.

The need for people to connect remains primal, and the ability to connect across all physical, cultural and language barriers is strong.

For this reason Facebook is still getting bigger and will continue to grow as a social network and marketing platform for those who know how to make use of it, in the U.S. and worldwide.

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