Email Marketing: First Impressions Count

This post was written by Internet Marketing John on December 4, 2010
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email-1What everyone says about first impressions is true, first impressions count a great deal; particularly with new subscribers to your email list.

Before setting up your email campaigns, make sure the first email that you send to your new list member is a great one.

First impressions count a great deal when you are trying to build a real relationship with your new prospects.

Since they have already given you permission to keep sending them new messages; they are obviously interested in what you have to offer.

This is the one point in your communications with your potential clients where you have their undivided attention.  So don’t blow it!

Not only do first impressions count, they have more impact than any other message that you send and are the main reason why your first message to your potential client should not be just an after thought.

You would be surprised how many people send thoughtless emails to their subscribers after they take the time to sign up to their list.

First impressions count, so here are some common sense messages you can initially send to your subscribers to let them know they are foremost in your mind.

  • Send them a confirmation letting them know that they have been added to your list.  Your subscribers need to know that the actions they took were successful.
  • Tell your subscribers clearly how they can modify their subscription and show them plainly where they can do it.  There is absolutely no reason to be “afraid” of pointing your subscribers to the unsubscribe link, if you are confident that the information you are sending them is what they want.Some email marketers will add extra blank lines to their confirmation messages so their subscribers have to scroll down to find the unsubscribe link.  Others just let their auto responder programs put the link at the bottom of the message where they normally place it.Although there is nothing wrong with doing this, you can stand out from the crowd by confidently showing your subscribers where to click if they unhappy and wish to unsubscribe.
  • Be sincere when thanking your subscribers for signing up to your list.  Let them know that you are happy having them on your list and appreciate them signing up.
  • It’s also a good idea reminding them why they signed up to your list and what benefit they will get from you for subscribing.  Remind them how great your offer is for them.
  • First impressions count with your subscribers and one way to create a good first impression with them, is to let them know that their opinions count.For this reason you should let them know in your first message how greatly you value their opinion.  If you offer them a way to provide feedback about your offer or anything else for that matter; it shows them that you really care about what they think.
  • Since your first message sets the tone for all future correspondence, why not reward your subscribers for placing their trust in you by giving them a bonus in your first message to them.You would be surprised how far an extra ebook or an additional free “something” will go to set you apart from other email marketers.
  • Finally, make sure you sign your first and every message with a real name.

Avoid using nicknames or slang and try not to use terminology that your subscribers will not be able to understand.

Remember, first impressions count, so don’t blow it by signing your name “Big Jack” or “Super Fly”;  start out right!

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