Email Marketing: 4 Email Marketing Strategies That Seldom Fail

This post was written by Internet Marketing John on May 21, 2010
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There are many tried and true email marketing strategies that seldom fail and that almost guarantee getting email subscribers to your list.

email-marketing-announcementHere are  4 email marketing strategies that seldom fail to get subscribers to your list and are all easy to implement.

If you haven’t yet done so, you might consider giving one, or all of them a try.

  • The Read And Subscribe strategy has been around for some time and works like a charm.

This email marketing strategy simply tells your prospect that, in order to finish what they were reading or viewing, they will need to opt in to your email list.

This works on articles, audio or video training courses, reports, instructional courses, and almost anything that engages your prospect’s interest.

Most people when given a little taste of your content, who like it will opt in to read or view the rest of it.  This is a powerful email marketing strategy that seldom fails.

  • The Bonus Gift Via Email strategy, is another of the email marketing strategies that seldom fail to generate a huge subscriber list.

This strategy tells your prospect that you will be delivering their bonus products by email, instead of just sending them to a web page for the download.

To build your list, you can include the bonus product download link, or the thank you URL, in your email message to your prospect.

You can also mandate that they either confirm, or double opt in their subscription to your email list.

  • The Randomly Selected Winner strategy, is another of the proven email marketing strategies that seldom fail to get subscribers.

This strategy tells your prospect that they have a random chance to win your product or service if they sign up to your opt in form or squeeze page.

People like to save money and win things, which is why the Random Selected Winner strategy is so effective in quickly building your list.  This strategy is extremely effective with high ticket items.

The last of the 4 email marketing strategies that seldom fail, is one that you probably have already succumbed to at some point.

  • This is the Please Whitelist My Email Strategy.

The technique is brilliant!   You tell your prospects that if they want to continue to receive great offers, important updates, major announcements, or whatever else from you, they need to whitelist you or their Internet Service Provider could block the emails.

You can even provide them with instructions on how to whitelist your email address.

Email marketing strategies will always change over time, however email marketing strategies that seldom fail to generate huge subscriber lists, are the ones that you need to focus on if you plan to become more successful.

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