Earning A Realistic Income On eBay

This post was written by Internet Marketing John on November 23, 2009
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For a newcomer to the Internet, earning a realistic income on eBay is not just a pie in the sky pipe dream.

EBayers consistently earn thousands of dollars monthly selling their wares, and power sellers   ebay-powerseller2
do much more than that on a regular basis.

If you check the number of PowerSellers that there are on eBay, and remember that in order to become an eBay PowerSeller, you need to make a minimum of $1,000. per month, you’ll see that earning a realistic income is the norm.

The following is eBays minimum monthly sales requirement for each of their PowerSeller categories.

  • – $3,000/month
  • Gold PowerSellers – $10,000/month
  • Platinum PowerSellers – $25,000/month
  • Titanium PowerSellers – $150,000/month

That’s some serious money!

Many of these PowerSellers never started out on eBay trying to become a PowerSeller; they simply started out selling a few items, and when they discovered how lucrative eBay auctions were, they continued on their merry way to eventually achieve PowerSeller status.

There are many people on eBay who quit their 9 to 5 jobs, and have turned eBay auctions into a profitable, full time home based business.  Many eBayers have successfully been doing so for years.

After the initial cost of purchasing a computer, some office supplies, and inventory; everything else, short of eBay’s listing fees, is pure profit.

As a home business, there are none of the usual expenses for a conventional storefront, staff, or even warehouse space; because you can easily drop ship products, without ever needing to physically handle them.

Even if you choose not to quit your day job, you can be earning a realistic income on eBay in your spare time.

EBay can be a God send to people living in the middle of nowhere, or in today’s economy, just about anyone who finds themselves out of their job.  EBay doesn’t place any barriers in your way to earn a living as does the real world and government restrictions.

There are no job interviews to put up with, no transportation worries, no wage restrictions, and no race, age, religious or political barriers to breach with eBay.  They don’t care what color you are, how old you may be, or where you live; all they care about is making money with your listings.

Anybody can sell almost anything, to anyone on eBay.

If you have some items laying around the house to sell, or know where to acquire some sought after bulk items; preferably from wholesale drop shippers, you can be quickly earning a realistic income on eBay.

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