Do You Really Know What Makes Blogging So Popular?

This post was written by Internet Marketing John on November 13, 2009
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I’m often asked, what makes blogging so popular with people on the Internet?

It sometimes seems, like half of the information we receive in the search engine results, are located on blogs.

What makes blogging so popular, compared to conventional websites, ezines, forums or newsletters?

Well, here are some of the more obvious reasons that people go nuts over blogging.

Blogs are easy to set up, and easier to maintain.

blogger1-1Newcomers to the Internet can choose from free blog sites such as Blogger, or WordPress, to startwordpress-tablet blogging within a matter of minutes.

Easy to follow instructions will get anyone up and running quickly; and with the tremendous amount of  blogging software that is available on these free hosted sites, even a novice can create and publish a unique, professional looking blog.

Blogs are extremely interactive.

Once posted, your articles are immediately ready for the world to see.

Within reason, you can write about almost any article under the sun, so long as you retain a modicum of common sense, and decency.

Pedophilia, child porn, bestiality, hate speech, crude gross content, threats of violence, illegal activities, spam, uploading Malware or viruses, and other subjects like these are prohibited on most free hosted blog sites.

Another thing that makes blogging so popular is that the majority of blogs offer syndication services. rss-1

This feature ensures that your blog is exposed to the maximum of viewers.

Because of the fact that blogs are constantly updated with fresh new content, the search engines love them.

A new blog will be indexed much faster than a new website, especially if you use the Blogger platform.

Search engine spiders will usually index a blogger blog overnight, or sooner, when you “ping” your blog on one of the many blog directory pinging sites.

By constantly updating your blog, you’ll ensure that your blog gets crawled by the search engine robots, and read by the public.

What makes blogging so popular with most newbies, is the cost.

Unless you host your own blog, there are no monthly server costs to worry about.   Blogger and WordPress are both free to registered users.

If you do decide to host your blog on your own domain, and do your own hosting, the costs are minimal.

Blogs are fun to learn with, and to start your business with as you progress.

Your age is not a barrier to blogging.

As long as you are still able to express yourself and create fresh new content, you can provide the world with a great looking blog.

Among other things, this is what makes blogging so popular with the public.

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