Building Your Subscribers List With Webinars

This post was written by Internet Marketing John on February 24, 2010
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Here is a step by step method of building your subscribers list with webinars or teleseminars that really works.

The unreasonable fear of public speaking, is why only a relatively small handful of Internet marketers take advantage of using webinars or teleseminars to generate traffic and build a list of subscribers to their websites.

If you can overcome your fear of public speaking, generating traffic and building your subscribers list with webinars or teleseminars, is one of the best ways to beat out your competition, grow your business, and increase your reputation in your market niche.

Here’s one way you can turn webinars and teleseminars into an ongoing traffic machine.

  • First, do some research in your market niche, and find someone with a large list of subscribers that you would like to do an interview with.
  • Next, you need to begin building a rapport with them by leaving insightful comments on their website or blog. Building a relationship takes some time, so leave comments that are useful and add true value to their site.

DO NOT leave the typical ‘nice website’, or ‘great post’ type comments.

  • Then, continue building your relationship by sending them personal emails on specific topics, and explaining what, or how much you learned from their posts.
    Don’t be vague.  Be as specific and sincere as possible, and try to talk about any common interests you share with your subject.  You can pick up this information from either Twitter or Facebook, if they have it on their blog or website.
    Remember, you’re developing a relationship here, so make your emails personalized and sincere.
    Offering to write a guest post on their blog will usually deepen the relationship, but make sure that the article you write is valuable, and something that his readers will enjoy.
    Most bloggers will appreciate the offer and be receptive to returning the favor in some way, especially if you provided your best work.
  • Next, ask your subject for an interview. Since you have already developed a relationship and provided exclusive content, they will probably respond favorably and be happy to do an interview.  If there is some hesitation, you could offer your guest to promote their product at the end of the interview.
    Building your subscribers list with webinars works best, when you have your own subscriber list of at least 1,000 email addresses that you can promote the interview call to.
  • Lastly, set up the interview with your subject.
    Both parties should be provided a list of questions and answers that will be used in the call so the interview comes off without a hitch.
    If you are doing the interview and building your subscribers list with webinars; use GoToWebinar.
    If you decide on a teleseminar, try using

Here is how you’re going to promote the webinar to both your speaker’s list, and your own list.

Use a program called, when you send out the invitation page to your lists.   This is the tool that builds your list and makes everything work.

The program transfers all webinar attendees into your Aweber autoresponder.  Then, when your guest promotes the interview call to their subscribers; everyone who signs up from their list, will automatically be added to your Aweber list.

In addition to adding hundreds of people to your subscriber list, you also now have the video or recording of the interview that can be reformatted and turned into other marketing products.

If you can overcome the fear of public speaking, building your subscribers list with webinars is a very powerful strategy that will blast your business off into a new stratum.

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