Blogging: The 7 Common Sins That Newbies Commit.

This post was written by Internet Marketing John on May 9, 2009
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Newcomers to blogging need to read this in order to avoid the 7 most common sins that newbies commit.

Sin #1 – Avoid writing nonsense on your blog, instead of answering questions from your potential customers.

Newbies may  be under the impression that blogs are like an online diary, and that they can ramble on about any inane bit of personal information like they do in a personal diary.

If you believe this, all you will ever write about is you, yourself, and other details of your life.

You will not be utilizing the business building capacity of your blog.

Blogs are not diaries; you should already have completed a keyword search on your niche topic, and have the answers to questions your clients want to know about.

Sin #2 – Avoid pretending to be an expert on blogging software and functions when you have no idea about the blog you are using.

Newbies try to build online credibility by pretending to know more than they really do.  Before you start your blog,  research and learn about your blog’s features, how to use sidebars, widgets, track backs, and permalinks.

No one knows everything about everything, but you can learn about something before you begin writing about it.  Don’t be pretentious.

Sin #3 – Avoid not having a blog category.

Don’t confuse readers about what you are writing about.  Be clear about your topic and how your readers can benefit from reading your blog.  Remain focused on satisfying your readers questions.

Sin #4 – Avoid having a blog that does not reflect your business.

Your blog should be an extension of your business and reflect your business image.  Your customers should be able to easily find the similarity between your business and your blog.

Sin #5 – Avoid not spending enough time sizing up the competition.

You should commit time to other blogs to see what is being written and what strategies that your competition is using.  Blogging requires commitment; you need to keep abreast of the market and also let your visitors know you are available to them to answer any questions they might have.

Sin #6 – Avoid not having appropriate content.

Newbies often set up blogs with too many advertisements, banners, and marketing ploys, and too little article content.  Write enough about what your blog is about in order to keep your readers attention.
Most readers are deluged with advertising and want useable, reliable, specific information; that’s why they come to your blog.

Sin #7 – Avoid not updating your blog on a regular basis.

Newbies often become bored or slack with their blog posts.  This is the number one reason traffic is lost or not even gained in blogging.

Of the 7 common sins that newbies commit; not updating fresh content on a regular basis is the number one reason that blogs fail to attract new visitors.

Avoid these 7 sins that newbies commit and your blog will be a success.

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