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This post was written by Internet Marketing John on December 18, 2009
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Beginners can start blogging the easy way, and be online within just a few minutes by using a hosted blogging website such as Blogger, or WordPress.                    blogger_logo_whitebg

Newcomers that are more experienced in using the Internet, can pursue the longer method of finding  a suitable web host provider, setting up a domain name, creating and uploading their theme, and hosting their own blog.

The latter method is preferred by most business blogs, because there is no chance of having your work taken down due to infractions of your blog host’s terms and conditions of service.

Anyone can publish a blog on almost any topic the human mind can conceive of.  Some common blog topics include; educational, business, legal, travel, health, literary, political, and of course personal journals.

Blogging can be for business purposes, or as informal as you’d like to make it in either simple text form, video format, art log form, or any combination thereof.

If you’re new to blogging; start blogging the easy way by following the suggestions below.

1 – Find a Good Free Blogging Provider                                                                                               wordpress-logo-green2

Blogger and WordPress, are both free hosting sites that will get you start blogging the easy way, in a matter of minutes, after you sign up with their website.

2 – Sign Up With Your Choice of Provider

Different options will appear after you sign up with your choice of provider; along with easy to follow, step by step tutorials, explaining exactly what to do, and how to do it.

You will be able to personalize your blog as you follow the set up instructions.  Be as creative as you want, but choose wisely. Some things can’t be changed once your blog is finalized. Don’t forget to include your pseudonym and personal information here.

3 – Decide On Your Blogging Preferences

Here you must decide to publish either a public blog, or a private blog, that requires permission for others to access and view.  You can also easily change your blog’s theme and layout at this stage, however this can be done at any time.

4 – Don’t Be Afraid To Change

Once your blog is up and running, and you have made a couple of posts; don’t be afraid to pull the plug, if you don’t like the way your blog is turning out.

If this is your first attempt at blogging, you might be discovering that writing a blog isn’t as easy as it looks.

When you start blogging the easy way with Blogger or WordPress, you can delete and modify whatever you want, when you find your style unacceptable.

As you become more familiar with the workings of each site, your blogging efforts will become easier.

5 – Upload Frequently

The more information you upload to your blog, the more visitors you will attract.

If you are totally new to blogging; write your content in notepad, edit it, and then cut and paste into your blog.

Blogger and WordPress both provide easily digestible instructions on how to upload text, images, videos, etc.   The point is to post at least daily to attract visitors, assuming that your blog is public, and that you in fact want visitors to view your site.

6 – Use Tags

If your blog is public, you should use keyword tags so the search engines can easily index your blog posts.  Using keywords in your blog title, in the beginning of your first and last paragraphs, and in your content, will help to get your blogging indexed.

7 – Publish You Blog

After you post your blog, send your blog’s URL to everyone you know without spamming them.

You can also “ping” your blog to let the search engines know you have just published fresh content to your blog.

Ping O Matic, and other pinging services will notify all the major blog directories that you have just published a post to your blog.    This effectively increases your blog’s popularity and makes sure that the search engines crawl, and index your site properly.

If you’re a newcomer having difficulty hosting your own blog; you can start blogging the easy way using WordPress or Blogger.

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