Article Marketing To Make Money: What The Optimal Article Length Should Be?

This post was written by Internet Marketing John on December 16, 2009
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When using article marketing to make money on the Internet, we are often asked what the optimal article length should be for the best readability.

In article marketing, when you select or compose an article for your website, it is important to write for your readers, as well as for the search engine robots that crawl your web page to index it.                                articles

Knowing what the optimal article length should be for search engine optimization is somewhat subjective, however shorter articles from 250 to 500 words, work best for both human readability and SEO.

When using article marketing to make money on the Internet, your primary goal is to have your articles read and understood by your human readership.

You also want to keep your readers interested in your article, so they don’t leave your website without first taking action.

For this reason, even if search engine optimization isn’t your main goal, it’s still a good idea for the sake of your readers, to keep your articles at the optimal article length of between 250 to 500 words.

Writing or using articles longer than this, could cause your readers to leave your web page without finishing.

You don’t want your readers leaving your website with the impression that your site is too wordy, and you certainly don’t want them leaving with only half the information you want them to have.

Most readers do not read the full web page as they do with a book; instead they scan a web page, to get the gist of the information.

For this reason, the shorter, the better.

If you must have volumes of information you want your readers to digest; break down your article into 3 or 4 parts for easier readability.

You can always relabel each part, so your readers can easily decide which parts they want to read, or so they can tell what part is coming up next; like chapters in a book.

When article marketing to make money , keep your articles short, sweet, and to the point to be most effective.

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