Article Marketing – How to dramatically boost your article click through

This post was written by Internet Marketing John on September 8, 2009
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To dramatically boost your article click through rate, you need to begin thinking about how to get your point across to your reader in the most expeditious manner.

Since we all know that the resource box is the most important part of your article, the entire focus of your article should be about getting the maximum number of clicks from it.

In order to do this, you need to get the reader to the resource box before they lose interest in your article, and then make sure they actually click on your link.

If you make your articles shorter, you will lead your readers to the resource box faster, and dramatically boost your article click through rate.

It’s already a proven fact, that the sooner your link is placed in an email marketing message, the more clicks you will attract.

Therefore, using this logic, it’s reasonable to assume that the shorter your article, the faster your reader gets to the resource box, and the more clicks you will attract.

In order to dramatically boost your article click through, you must also have a compelling opening paragraph that will immediately grab the viewer’s interest.

If your viewer loses interest in your article before they even begin reading it, your resource box is rendered useless.

The second paragraph is almost as important as the first, and should also nudge the reader towards the resource box to get that all important click on your link.

Your last paragraph should always push your reader to the resource box.

Your last sentence should act like a mini pre sell, to “warm up” your reader, to click on your resource box link.

If you can write something like, “Click the links below to get your FREE PLR articles”; it can do wonders in dramatically boosting your article click through.

You should be getting the point by now. 

Everything is written to gradually direct your reader to your resource box, to click your link.

Once you get your reader there, you can dramatically boost your article click through by simply asking your reader to click your link.

Although this is the most fundamental thing to do to boost your article click though, you’d be surprised how many writers, and article marketers simply don’t do it.

Marketers are taught to write something like; “Alfred Newman is a prolific author of many PLR articles and compiler of several dozen ebooks on water buffalo.    Click here to get some additional information on water buffalo mating habits.”  or some garbage like that.

If you really want to dramatically boost your article click through rate, just ask for the click, like we have below.

“Click Here, to download $500 worth of FREE PLR articles!”

If you can get away with using more than one word, or a phrase as your anchor text, in your resource box, do it!  The more you have in the resource box, the more clicks you’ll get, and the more clicks you get, the more traffic you’ll receive.

Dramatically boosting your article click through rate, just that simple.

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