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After the internet was introduced to the world, the normal approach to doing business was forever changed; here are some affiliate marketing techniques used by the best.

Pandora’s box was opened, and the good as well as the bad was loosed on to the business world.

Home based internet marketing businesses sprang up selling new products such as ebooks, and instructional services to market these new lines of electronic products.

Of the many internet marketing strategies that arose;  affiliate marketing became one of the best methods used to generate income quickly and create a flourishing home based business.

For those of you new to the term; affiliate programs are internet based programs designed to compensate “partner” web sites, based on their performance, for directing qualified visitors,  leads, sales, clicks, or subscribers to a “merchant” web site.

Successful responses, known as click-throughs, are the usual basis for payment.

The merchant then pays his affiliate a percentage of the sale that resulted from a successful click-through generated by the affiliate partner’s lead.

Clickbank.Com and are a couple of payment service providers that help track and manage the payments.   There are others out there.

The different methods by which the affiliate provides these services is called affiliate marketing.

The most successful techniques employed include the following and each one will be discussed at length later:

1 – Pay Per Click or “PPC” drives targeted traffic to your website using Google, Yahoo, and other search engines.  Google currently dominates with over 70 percent of the market.

2 – Article Marketing also increases search engine ranking and directs targeted traffic to your site.   Best of all its free.

3 – Blogging drives targeted traffic and also greatly increases search engine rankings.

4 – Press Releases are a cost-effective marketing technique that build credibility and can dramaticly increase sales.

5 – Forums are an excellent place to find other people interested in your product or service.

6 – Viral Marketing  has evolved over the last few years.   It is a marketing campaign that spreads but isn’t in itself the actual product.   Ideas sometimes spread like wildfire.

7 – Social Bookmarking attracts links, gets free traffic, and makes your site rise in popularity.

8 – My Space is a social interactive networking website that like Craig’s list is worthy of special marketing attention.

9 – Craig’s List is possibly the ultimate online community oriented classified listing.    It is a  great place to get noticed and is in a league of its own.

10 – Video Marketing is a relatively new but unbelievably effective method of gaining a presence on the web.   Instructive teaching videos in the form of webinars or sites such as You Tube are techniques that can lead thousands of people on your site fast.

11 – Email Marketing is a technique used not only as a follow up to targeted customers but also to advertise  affiliate links.   Opt in lists are used with autoresponders to provide affiliates additional chances to sell their affiliate product links and acquire “second chance” sales.

80 percent of the affiliates generate only 20 percent of all income; additionally only 20 percent of affiliates produce 80 percent of all income.

I hope you want to be one of the 20 percent who earn the majority.  If so, follow the basics below that the winners are using.

Always cloak your affiliate links! For whatever reason, some individuals will ignore an affiliate ID from the URL displayed and proceed directly to the affiliate domain.

Create and distribute your own articles and have them published, using the techniques listed in this article, and reprinted by other ezine publishers to build links and enhance your reputation with other respected web sites.

Focus on a specific niche. Countless tools are freely available on the internet to target your market and get traffic to your website.

All the top affiliate marketers use autoresponders that send timed follow up email messages to individuals who signed up with them in their opt in forms.   These lists are like gold for additional sales.

The most successful affiliate marketers build web pages that pre-sell their product. Product launches in the form or webinars and videos are also an unbelieveably effective method of getting increased orders.

Good affiliate programs also offer articles recommended by them, with your links already imbedded for you to sell their products.

Super affiliates collect targeted email address through the use of opt ins, signup forms, free membership sites and disseminating free reports or ebooks through the use of autoresponders and mini sites.

Build your own list of email addresses by any of these methods.

Top affiliates do not limit themselves.  Market anywhere you can and use your imagination!  If it works, DO IT.

Optimize for the search engines.  The worst thing to do for your SEO ranking is to use a master title tag site wide.  Use different title tags for each individual pages content.  This is critical to SEO.

The best affiliate marketers start their own newsletters or membership site.

This is employed to attract potential customers and gather new emails for your list.  You can purchase email lists on the web, but unless the email addressee agrees to you as a sender, you become a spammer and not an affiliate marketer.

If you want to make it big in your home business and in affiliate marketing make use of these techniques and understand precisely how they work.

Learn More About Affiliate Marketing, Here.

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