5 Killer Ways To Make Money With PLR Software

This post was written by Internet Marketing John on June 26, 2010
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Here are 5 killer ways to make money with PLR software that you can use to improve your financial situation immediately.

plr-aviThere are also certain strategies you can use if you would like to combine PLR articles and PLR ebooks, with your PLR software, to make money online.

Starting a membership site, running a one or two week “fire sale”, or using your PLR ebooks, articles, and software to create a content rich website with built in software tools and selling it on eBay for a profit, are some killer ways to make money with PLR software.

Here are 5 killer ways to make money with PLR software exclusively.

1.   Using PLR software, create a membership site.

Many people are interested in creating their businesses around the residual income business model.

A good way to do it with PLR software, is by offering new software products on a monthly basis to members of your membership site.

Using PLR software you won’t have to worry about spending tons of money getting new software created for your site each month; you simply use PLR software.

For instance, you can create a membership site about Business Tools; and offer software like auto responders, content spinners, article-posting tools,  accounting software, and other business tool related software to your members.

You can purchase PLR software that allows you to transfer the rights, and then provide the software to your members, so that they have the opportunity to make money reselling the software if they so choose.

2.  Give away PLR software to people who join your list.

Offering people a valuable piece of software in exchange for them joining your list and providing you with their email address, is simply a “no brainer”.
Do it at every opportunity!

3.  Offer PLR software as a bonus in addition to your main product.

This killer way to make money with PLR software is more commonly used with PLR ebooks.   By offering relevant PLR software as an added bonus for purchasing your main product, you create a bond with your customers and increase your credibility.

If you are offering a book on fishing.  You can offer a software bonus that acts like a personal fishing log, or software that predicts the optimum times to fish, or just a weight calculator to your customers.

4.  Use PLR software as an unannounced bonus

Giving your customers an unannounced bonus of PLR software will build loyalty, reduce the amount of refunds you will encounter, and virtually eliminate buyer’s remorse.

5.  Give your newsletter customers a surprise PLR software bonus.

Everyone knows that you should provide your customers with your best bonuses and products.

However, your free newsletter subscribers can also benefit from and will appreciate a freebie now and then.

If you give your newsletter subscribers a surprise PLR software bonus now and then, it ensures that your readers will drop what they are doing to read your newsletter when it shows up in their mailbox.

Everyone appreciates something of value for free, and will in time return the gesture.

Sometimes in order to meet your needs, or your customers’ needs, it becomes necessary to hire a programmer to improve the code and interface of your PLR software.

If you need to find a good programmer; try elance.com, rentacoder.com, or warriorforum.com to start.

If you have a vivid imagination; I’m sure you can come up with many other killer ways to make money with PLR software.

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