5 Diseases That Can Kill Your Sales Letter

This post was written by Internet Marketing John on September 5, 2009
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Please don’t misunderstand, there are many diseases that can
kill your sales letter.

Here, I’m going to show you five response killers that you should definitely avoid using in your sales letters.

If your sales letter is afflicted with any of these diseases, get to your “doctor” and cure them as soon as possible.

  • Too Much Beating Around The Bush.

Since most people only skim online sales letters, you should get to the gist of your sales letter right away.

Make your offer perfectly clear by the second paragraph of your sales letter.  Do not spend an excessive amount of time on the windup.

  • Verbosity

An easily cured disease that can kill your sales letter is wordy sentence structure.

Make your point without using excessive verbiage.

Unless you’re already a skilled writer, you probably already have this disease in your sales letter.

Wordy sentences weaken persuasive arguments and will kill a response from your prospect.  When making your point, eliminate all excessive and contradictory wording.

  • Use Hot Words Only Where They Are Relevant

Another of the diseases that can kill your sales letter is the inappropriate use of Hot Words.

Choose your words very carefully.

Be cautious about using words such as miracle, sensational, potent, astonishing, incredible, stunning, mystifying, and phrases like “absolutely guaranteed to work”.

When these words are used inappropriately, they can cause you legal problems or at the least, cause your potential client to leave your sales letter.

  • An Unbalanced, Hyped Up Sales Letter

Many marketers hype up their sales letters with excessive font colors, font styles and sizes, highlighting, bolding, and exclamations.

A hyped up sales letter will do nothing but diminish your credibility with the reader.

On the other hand, it’s hard to promote a commodity without any hype at all in your sales letter.

The cure to this disease, is to balance the hype with believability.  This aspirin will give you measurable results.

  • Avoid Using Hypnotic Sales Techniques

Some NLP, or hypnotic sales techniques do work.

However, because of the blossoming hypnotic selling craze being used in sales letters all over the Internet, many savvy readers have become wise to them and will leave a sales letter when they believe you are playing mind games with them.

Most of these techniques are obvious to readers and will result in fewer sales.

If you simply just ask for the order in your sales letter 3 or 4 times, and back up your statements with cold, hard, facts; you will gain your reader’s trust and ultimately close more sales.

Now that you know what diseases can kill your sales letter, cure the malady if you have one!

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