Sitemaps: Learn How To Create a Sitemap

This post was written by Internet Marketing John on April 20, 2010
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Sitemaps are time savers, similar to the contents of a book, and are useful for visitors that are in a hurry to quickly scan the contents of your website.

Search engines also look to sitemaps when keywords or keyword phrases are being searched for.

Anyone can learn how to create a sitemap with relative ease using a notepad, a program editor, and a bit of patience.  You don’t need to be a guru.

  • First create your listing on a notepad or any other word processing program.

Make a rough draft and type in all the parts of your website, including all web pages and links.  It should look like the contents of a book when you’re finished with it.

  • Next, create a sitemaps page.

You can either insert your sitemap an existing web page on your website, or you can create a new page for your sitemaps page.

Incorporate all the necessary tags to make another webpage.   Using a website creator program such as Kompozer, tag your sitemap page.  This should be relatively easy if your created your own website.

  • Next, create a link for the sitemap.

Create a link for your sitemaps page, and place it on the front page of your website where both your visitors and the search engine robots can easily detect it.

  • Validate your work

Make sure you test each and every link that you created on the sitemap.  Each and every page of your website should be accounted for and have active functioning links.  Check your work and fix any errors, or dead links that you find.

  • Use any ftp program to upload your work

Use Filezilla or some other FTP program to upload your sitemap.  Double check it on your browser for functionality and correct any errors.

That’s it.  Your generic sitemap is complete.

I’m sure that if you search Google, you can find an online program that will do the work for you automatically by simply typing in your website URL; but either way, the end result is the same.

If you have the time, and have already created your own website; you can produce a more personalized sitemaps page by doing it generically.

It’s just like creating any other web page on your website, plus you can organize the links on your site, and emphasize them any way you desire when you do it yourself.

This is important if you are selling your products or offering your services online.

Sitemaps are vital to websites, regardless of how you generate them.  They lead your visitors to where they want to go without any distractions, and get your site seen on the web through the search engine spiders.


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